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\(\def\R{{\mathbb R}} \def\C{{\mathbb C}} \def\Q{{\mathbb Q}} \def\Z{{\mathbb Z}} \def\N{{\mathbb N}} \def\a{&} \newcommand{\adj}{\mathop{\textrm{adj}}} \newcommand{\proj}{\mathop{\textrm{proj}}} \newcommand{\rowint}[2]{R_{#1} \leftrightarrow R_{#2}} \newcommand{\rowmul}[2]{R_{#1}\gets {#2}R_{#1}} \newcommand{\rowadd}[3]{R_{#1}\gets R_{#1}+#2R_{#3}} \newcommand{\rowsub}[3]{R_{#1}\gets R_{#1}-#2R_{#3}} \newcommand{\lt}{<} \newcommand{\gt}{>} \newcommand{\amp}{&} \)

Section1.1Course Description

This is the official course description:

MATH 1220 - Linear Algebra 1

(Laboratory required) This course is intended for students in mathematically rich disciplines including those planning to enter an Honours or Major program in Mathematics or Statistics. An introduction to vectors, matrices, systems of linear equations and three-dimensional geometry. Not to be held with MATH 1210, MATH 1211, MATH 1300, MATH 1301, MATH 1310, or the former MATH 1680. Prerequisite: Pre-calculus Mathematics 40S (70%) or the former Mathematics 40S (300) (70%), or the Mathematical Skills course taught by Extended Education (B). NOTE: Applied Mathematics 40S (70%) may be used as a prerequisite to this course.

There is more information available at the Mathematics Department website: